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Late diseases

In the world we live in today there is something that really preoccupies me. Yes, I do believe that this is something that can be done and should be done to. But why not just try to do this as soon as possible and that way also getting a really nice view of what true health is all about. We see a lot of young ones getting their asthma attack and sometimes that is in pluralis, as attacks. Yes, lots of problem with asthma but we also see that this is something that can be solved just be having ...


Somebody asked me to describe myself in only a few sentences. That is not so easy. What will I tell what is important for the others and what do I want them to know about me. Normally I would tell that I have two children because they are really important for me. That I am married and that we live in Sweden but we are coming originality from The Netherlands. But is this really something about myself? Probably it is not. Maybe I have to tell them that I love to write, paint, sail, ski, walk, and to cook and ...

For real

Uno spends most of the weekend making mental trips to Miami. He reads the guidebook thoroughly, and finds one place more interesting than the other. He has never made a mental journey before. It's never been in his nature and really not even occurred to him. But Miami is different. He's seen it on TV and seen some of the people there, so it's sort of real to him. And the book's no invented story but for real. If you went there you could follow it and do the tours. So it's not as if he's really fantasizing, is it?